Emission du 18/11 /2020

18 novembre 2020
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Hot Rods #041 - 18 Novembre 2020

Panko “Baby Please Don’t Go” 

Alta Mira “My Soul’s On Fire” 

Delta Blues Band & Billy Cross “Mellow Down Easy” 

White Wing “Slave” 

Asia “Kamikaze” 

DUROC “Pognon Pognon” 

Alain Markusfeld “La Terre se Dévore (Partie 1&2)” 

Scorpions “I’m Going mad” 

Scorpions “It All Depends”  

Scorpions “Inheritance” 

Steely Dan “With a Gun” 

The Doors “Queen Of the Highway” 

The Birds “You don’t Love Me”

The Creation “midway down”

Jeff Beck Group “I Ain’t No Supertitious” 

Faces “Flying”

Faces “Miss Judy’s Farm” 

Rod Stewart “Every picture Tell A Story” 

The Rolling Stones “Hand Of Faith” 

The First Barbarian “Shirley” 

Ronnie Wood “I Got Lost when I Found”

Ronnie Wood “Josephine” 

Ronnie Wood “Seven Days” 

Ron Wood “I Can Feel The Fire”

 JJ Cale “Don’t Cry Sister”


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